Snowmaking Tank Kills Trout

dead fishSki resorts and trout fishing tend to coexist decently, especially in Colorado. However, recent news out of Vail Valley reminds us that no matter how much we try to mitigate, no wilderness is safe from our influence.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials confirmed that the cause of a sudden trout kill in Gore and Mill Creek – in Vail Valley – was the result of a discharge from a tank used for snowmaking.

The tanks valves had been left open, which led to the tank spewing water into Gore and Mill Creeks. In all, 85 mottled sculpin, one cutbow, 16 rainbow trout, one brook trout, and 17 brown trout were confirmed dead from the spill.

The spill even killed algae and macroinvertebrates in the creeks.

You can read more about the incident here.

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