Loon Announces 2022 Products

loon productsLoon recently announced their lineup of new 2022 products. Below is a press release highlighting the company’s new offerings. You can view more of what Loon has to offer here.

ASHLAND, Oregon, Sept 1 –Loon Outdoors is excited to announce our 2022 product line.  At Loon Outdoors we make products that we would recommend to a friend.  This can include providing huge steps forward, subtle but significant improvements, or reliably delivering a product that has previously been difficult to find.  Or, as in some cases, offering something that is just plain fun.  This year our products help do a lot of the little things well on and off the water helping to make your day on the water your best day on the water.

Fly Tying Products

UV Plasma Light  MSRP $100

The ultimate UV-curing light. Designed to provide a faster, stronger, more tack-free cure on all of Loon’s UV resins, the UV Plasma Light is for tyers who demand the best. It is powered by a 18650 battery and is rechargeable using the included micro USB cable. Substantially more powerful than our existing lights, switch on the UV Plasma Light and you’ll notice a substantial difference.  The larger body of the UV Plasma light houses beefed-up components and a second chip set. We have found this to be at least three times as powerful as any other light that we tested.

Black Fly Tying Tools

Our entire line of fly tying tools is still available in the original iconic yellow, but is now available in black as well. The matte-black finish ensures that everything—appearance, feel and performance—are smooth and sharp

Fly Fishing Products

Nip n Sip XL w/ Lanyard MSRP $37=

Extra-large and comfy-gripped, the newest version of the Nip &Sip is a significant step up. The new design is comfortable in hand (especially for anglers with larger hands), allows for consistent blade alignment, and, of course, includes a bottle-opener.

Ergo Quick Release MSRP $19=

The ultimate hook removal tool. Perfect angles and rounded edges make this tool easy on fish and angler. The ergonomic handle is comfortable in hand, and the versatile size is compatible with wide variety of hooks. This tool is a great way to prevent unnecessary harm to fish.

Fly Dip – Dun MSRP $11

A dun-colored dip floatant that is environmentally friendly, compatible with all dry flies (including CDC), and incredibly effective. Fly Dip Dun can be used to pretreat dry flies to ensure high-riding presentations or to revive soggy flies.

Perfect Tippet Rings MSRP $10

Tying in Perfect Rig Tippet Rings at connection points makes it easier to swap out rigs, conserves tippet, and strengthens connection between leader/tippet of different sizes. The versatile 2mm size has a 17lb break strength. 10 rings/package

Quick Draw Rod Sleeves MSRP $12

Store fly rods so that they are ready to fish at a moment’s notice. The Quickdraw Rod Sleeve allows rods to be stored at home, in vehicle, or in a boat so that they are protected, fully rigged, and ready to use. Comes in Single Hand – Full, Single Hand – Half, and Two Hand – Half sizes.

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