NEW Orvis PRO Dog Waders

Fly Fishing

Orvis’s new PRO Dog Waders bring high-tech performance wear to our most underrecognized fishing companions.

This morning Orvis announced the introduction of an exciting new product designed specifically for our most underrecognized fishing partners.  The new PRO Dog Waders are smart, cleverly designed and, in our opinion, an essential accessory for any dog-loving angler.

Says Orvis:  “One of the myriad wonderful things about dogs is that you can share outdoor adventures with them, and many breeds love to spend time around and in water. A well-trained fishing dog is a joy to behold, but even a puppy discovering its first frog can make your day. There’s just one problem: wet, muddy dogs can wreak havoc on the inside of your vehicle or your home. Although Orvis already sells the best auto-seat covers and water-trapping mats on the market, we’ve been searching for an even better solution . . . and now it’s here.

Orvis Pro Dog Waders

Introducing the Orvis PRO Dog Waders, made for active dogs who love rivers, lakes, and streams—and for dog owners who hate having to deal with filthy backseats and soiled furniture. Dog owners can now let their best friends splash to their hearts’ content without worrying about how bad cleanup is going to be. We’ve combined the technology of our top-of-the-line fishing waders with our vast dog-product know-how to design waders that are safe, effective, durable, and easy to use. Whether your pooch is a diehard fishing companion or just a pup who loves to splash, you’ll find the Orvis PRO Dog Waders a life-changing addition to your everyday kit.

Get more details about the new Orvis PRO Dog Waders here.


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