Young Angler Spotlight: Bass Fishing

Recently, one of my former college professors texted me to let me know her 13-year-old grandson started a YouTube channel – dubbed Tactical Outdoors –  featuring his exploits chasing bass on spinning and baitcasting gear. For a 13-year-old, the videos are well-done, but what’s really awesome is his enthusiasm for fishing. Accompanied by friends, or his sister, he charges out into bass ponds, fishing with the same fervor of many die-hard trout guys I know.

If you have kids around this age, I think they’ll love watching these videos. And even if you don’t, giving them a quick look is enough to warm your heart. We need kids who love fishing, fish, and the places where they live, if we want to preserve this for future generations. Seeing these kinds of videos put together, especially by 13-year-olds, gives me hope for the future of our sport. You can view the channel here.

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