Circumstances Keep You Stuck

Circumstances Keep You Stuck

Circumstances Keep You Stuck

Circumstances and the past can keep us stuck…

It’s so easy to focus on circumstances, set backs, what’s wrong, what USED to be and what happened. Dang injuries, dang ex, dang economy, dang situation, dang age, dang WHATEVER.

And… none of that gets us to where we want to be.

None of that helps us grow.

None of that we can control or change.

What works? Focusing on what you WANT to create and asking yourself what thoughts and actions will get you there.

My injuries last year and my rebuilding now is such a metaphor for my life lessons.

When I focus on past and circumstances I feel defeated. I feel stuck. I feel hopeless.

But when I (and you too!) remind yourself to stay focused on moving forward and those actions and habits that supports that then everything moves in the right direction and quickly.


Natalie Jill

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