Pebble CEO Resigns Due to Leaked Tapes

Tom Collier, the CEO of the Pebble Limited Partnership – the group trying to put a mine on the headwaters of Bristol Bay – has resigned, reports Field & Stream

Collier resigned after tapes leaked by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) revealed that Collier and the other Pebble executives don’t plan on ending the mining operations in Bristol Bay in 20 years. Ever since Pebble came onto the scene nearly 15 years ago, the leaders of the project have always assured the public that they wouldn’t dig for more than two decades. However, as pointed out in the Field & Stream article, two decades of mining would leave 90% of the gold and copper in the Pebble deposit still underground.

The tapes are damning, and Collier’s departure is a blow to the hopes of Pebble moving forward. However, the tapes released by the EIA show an alarmingly cozy relationship between the Army Corps of Engineers and Pebble. Interestingly, Pebble shows a lot of confidence in the project moving forward, despite the Corps saying the mine can’t move forward as proposed, and Donald Trump Jr.’s staunch opposition to it.

This is a convoluted story, and you should read it in full here.


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