Fishpond Holds Auction for Belize Fly Fishing

Fishpond is a name most of us anglers associate with high-quality packs and nets. But soon enough, it’ll be a name we all recognize for their impressive efforts to help keep the fly fishing industry alive and thriving.

As of September 15, Fishpond is holding an online auction, with all the proceeds going to benefit the fly fishing industry in Belize. Per the auction website, “Seven months into the worldwide pandemic – as other Caribbean countries and destinations have opened back up to traveling anglers – the Belizean fly fishing community that is so important to our overall industry and to our sport is running out of resources and options. While the prime minister announced that the country now has a reopening date of October 1st, we know it will be a slow return to full-time work for all of these guides.

We want to offer you an opportunity to support these guides who have given so much to the fly fishing community. This is your chance to bid on a one of a kind package from us here at Fishpond, including a Thunderhead Submersible Backpack, Dakota Carry-On, and a Fishpond River Couch. These couches are made custom for us by Outcast and are not for sale, so this is your only opportunity to get your hands on everybody’s favorite portable lounge! 100% of the proceeds of this auction will be donated to the licensed, full-time guides of Belize, through the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation.”

You can view the auction here.

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