Hardy Releases new Rod and Reel

After proving itself on the highest stage in tournament fly fishing, the new Ultralite® LL rod series and Ultradisc reels from Hardy® will be available to consumers beginning in September 2020.

Designed to give anglers a decided advantage in any trout stream, the Ultralite LL delivers a series of technique-specific rods that offer some of the most refined and usable actions on the market for European style and competition anglers. A high-modulus SINTRIX® NSX blank offers an unprecedented feel and balance for Euro-nymphying anglers and the lightweight design maximizes line feel and sensitivity. It also features optimized guide spacing for modern nymphing techniques and new ceramic-lined titanium recoil guides. The Ultradisc reel pairs perfectly with the Ultralite LL, offering a unique reel and spool design to keep ultra-thin line and leader-only setups from tangling as well as a scaled disc drag system for ultimate control. The Ultralite LL rods will retail for $785.00 in zero-weight to four-weight options. The Ultradisc reels will start at $325.95 and are available in three- to twelve-weight configurations.

“The Hardy Ultralite LL and Ultradisc reel offer an incredibly balanced and sensitive combination for discerning Euro-nymphing anglers,” said Howard Croston, Team England angler and Hardy Product Development Manager. “The lightweight design and spool design of this rod and reel are sure to become a favorite of trout anglers everywhere.”

Croston won the ultimate prize in fly fishing in fall of 2019 with prototypes of the Ultralite LL series of rods and Ultradisc reels, which are specifically designed for Euro-nymphying anglers. The unbeatable sensitivity delivered by the Ultralite LL along with the balanced design and unique reel spool construction of the Ultradisc reel allowed Croston, who served as both Team England Captain and Manager, to catch 41 fish total over the course of the event.

“To compete against the best anglers in the world, so far from home on unknown waters in some of the worst weather conditions, was a daunting task,” Croston said. “To win a gold medal whilst captaining and managing my country was something I never dreamed possible. I was aided by the Ultralite LL and Ultradisc reel throughout the competition and am looking forward to the consumer response to this impressive rod and reel combination.”

Croston has competed in 16 World and European Championships, including the 2009 world championships where Team England won the team gold medal. Adding to Croston’s angling resume is the fact that he leads product development for Hardy. Using his experience as a tournament angler has given him insight into the latest trends in fly fishing and he possesses the ability to translate that perspective into groundbreaking products.

For more information on the new Ultralite LL rod and Ultradisc reel, visit HardyFishing.com or contact your local fly shop.

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