Simms Launches New Riparian Camo Waders

For years, my fishing buddies gave me a hard time because I wore my camo hunting jackets while fishing in the dead of winter. The way I see it, why buy yet another Primaloft down coat just for fly fishing, when my hunting coats are often better at keeping me warm anyways?

Then, Simms released their river camo waders, and I felt some sort of vindication, even though I think the river camo looks ridiculous. Apparently, I’m in the minority there, because Simms has a new camo pattern announced for their fall 2020 line – Riparian Camo.

With the tagline “Make Fish Squint,” Simms touts this new camo as being able to give anglers a leg up on fish. Per their website, the waders do this by “Utilizing exclusive patterning created by Veil Camo, a leader in scientifically-engineered camouflage, Simms offers you the first wader designed to keep you from being seen by fish. If you’re like us, you’d travel halfway around the world for a chance at the fish of your dreams. Make the final feet count by getting closer in Riparian Camo.” 

You can browse the Riparian Camo, and other fall 2020 products, here.

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