Starting Over

Starting Over

What you don’t see behind the images , content and videos that I share is the girl who failed so many times. Those failures hurt A LOT. Financially, mentally, and emotionally. Those failures cost me a lot but also they made me…

Starting Over pinterest thumbnailYou only see the successes , results and the outcomes. You do not see the failures, set backs, humble beginnings and heartbreaks. What I know now for sure though…. the pains become our purpose. AND Your age, your past, others opinions and your comparison to others does not define you.

I’m just getting STARTED at age 48. You see…

  • I was 32 when I moved across county not knowing anyone
  • I was 35 when I had my daughter which was considered “later” for most
  • I was 60 lbs heavier and financially a disaster and in a crazy amount of debt at 36.
  • I was 39 before I ever “fitness modeled” which was considered “too old” for most.
  • I was nearing 40 before starting my own business
  • I was 44 before having my first book published
  • I was 46 before landing the most significant mag covers and brand deals
  • I was 47 before launching my podcast
  • I am 48, (49 end of summer) TRULY getting super clear on my vision, passion and true calling. Which believe it or not is actually SALES and BRANDING and helping others thrive in that. Scary (and exciting) to expand towards that but it’s happening… in a BIG WAY (been taking clients behind the scenes but this is going to rock your world in a few months)
  • Don’t compare others highlight reels to you. You never know their whole journey and “comparison is the thief of joy.”

You are not too old and it is NOT too late. By changing your thoughts and actions you can become an entirely new version of yourself. Whatever you are feeling right now know that you TOO can be “just getting started”

Your age, your past, and your current situations do not define you. I get YOU and know that you are just getting started too.


Natalie Jill

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